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5 Garage Door Parts that Need Replacing Periodically


Garage doors are heavy duty, durable, and built to last. Your garage door plays a big role in your day-to-day life and it’s easy to take them for granted. They protect your home, family, and belongings while allowing you and your family members access. You probably don’t even think about how much you use them as you go about your daily tasks. But they endure a lot of use as you take your kids to school and sports practice, and you go back and forth to work every day.

High-Qualify Garage Door Part Replacement Services

Regular maintenance and replacing specific parts periodically are essential for optimizing your garage door’s lifespan. A reputable garage door repair professional can help you with routine maintenance to help keep it working properly. Part of high-quality garage door maintenance is replacing parts that wear out most frequently. Replacing parts before they break and cause more damage to your garage door can help keep more money in your pocket. Here are five garage door parts that will need to be replaced periodically.

Garage Door Springs

The springs on your garage door control its functions. If the springs are damaged, broken, or fail to work properly, it can cause numerous problems. The door may not open, or it may just fall unexpectedly. They need to be replaced every so often. A garage door repair professional can inspect the springs and keep them working properly with regular maintenance. If they are worn or damaged, our specialist can replace them.

Garage Door Sensors

The sensors on your garage door are situated opposite each other on either side of the door. They sense any obstruction that may be in the path of the door. These photo eyes sense if something is in the way of the door closing safely. This helps avoid injuries and other problems. Like the springs, the sensors may need to be replaced periodically.

Garage Door Hinges

Modern garage doors have hinges that help the door roll up rather than swinging up when it is opening. The special rust resistant coating on the hinges helps them have a long lifespan. But they will eventually show some signs of wear and tear. Routine inspections and maintenance can help lengthen their lifespan, but eventually, they will need to be replaced. A professional at US Garage Door Repair can recognize the signs of wear and tear and replace the hinges if needed.

Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage door openers are a convenient component and make opening and closing the doors easy. Modern openers contain intricate technological components that make them vulnerable to issues. When your garage door opener malfunctions, the door may close or open very slowly, or it may stop midway. In these situations, you’ll need an emergency garage door repair professional who can repair your opener, so access is restored, and your home remains safe.

Garage Door Tracks

Without working tracks, your garage door will not function smoothly. There are many high-quality options on the market, but eventually they will become misaligned. Sometimes tracks bend. Whether the tracks bend or move out of alignment, the door may become jammed or out of balance. Periodic inspections can help prevent many issues, but occasionally, the garage door tracks will need to be replaced.

Contact US Garage Door Repair Professionals

Proper maintenance goes a long way to increase the longevity of your garage door and its essential components. If it’s time for a routine inspection or maintenance, call US Garage Door Repair to schedule a convenient time with one of our specialists. If you have a garage door emergency, we are available 24/7 to help you get your life back to normal as fast as possible. You can also schedule an appointment with us using our online booking tool.


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