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7 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is a pretty simple device that tends to last for a long time. Because your garage door is well used, you may run into a problem now or then with the opener. But even if it is working fine, there are some good reasons to replace it. Here are seven reasons you may want to replace or upgrade your garage door opener.

Automatic Reversal Feature

If your garage door is older, it may not have a safety reversal feature. Starting in 1993, garage door openers were required to be equipped with this safety mechanism. The feature has two sensors located on either side inside the door. If something like a pet, child, or an object passes through the light beam emitted between the two sensors while the door is closing, it stops and reverses its direction. If your opener doesn’t have this safety feature, or if yours is no longer working, it’s a good idea to have a garage door repair professional take a look at it or replace it.

Quieter Operation

Older door openers are often very loud while they are working. Newer openers are much quieter than older models. Newer models often have belt drives instead of chain drive operations. With newer models, you don’t have to disturb everyone in the house every time you open the garage door.

Battery Backup System

Most households use their garage door system multiple times every single day. That means a power outage can put a halt to your plans. Newer opening systems feature a battery backup that kicks in if the electrical power goes out. This can make sure your daily activities are not disrupted.

New Security Features

The newest openers are equipped with the latest technology. If you opt for the latest in openers, you can choose models that allow remote operation of your garage door. If you have an internet connection on your phone, you can track every time your garage door opens and closes. You can also add a keypad that uses fingerprint detection that allows the door to be opened or closed by touch. This makes your garage door much more secure from intruders.

Slow-Moving Operation

Sometimes, it’s not something that happens suddenly. You may start to notice that the door is moving a lot slower than normal when it’s opening or closing. You may notice that it hesitates before opening. This is a sure sign it’s time to call a repair professional who can fix or replace your garage door opener.

The Garage Door Opener Vibrates

If your opener is old and worn out, you’ll want to watch for vibration. When the motor gets older, the armature or a bent shaft can vibrate inside the housing. When the damage is too bad, the opener mounts may shake loose. This could be dangerous. If the opener falls on your car it can cause damage. If you notice any vibration, contact a repair professional to come take a look.

Your Garage Door Opener Stopped Working

When you press the button on your opener, you expect the garage door to move, right? The last thing you expect is for the door to remained closed after you push the button. Your remote makes your life easier, and when the garage door opener doesn’t work as expected, it puts a kink in your day. Luckily, repairing a garage door opener is easy and affordable. Sometimes, you just need new batteries!


Call a Garage Door Opener Professional

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