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Do I have to Replace Both Garage Door Springs if Only One Broke?

Your garage door has two springs, one on either side. You may be tempted to cut expenses by only replacing the one that malfunctioned. But a garage door repair specialist will be quick to explain why they both need to be replaced even if only one of them is broken.

Can’t a Garage Door Open With Just One Spring?

It takes both garage door springs working together to pull the garage door up and to bring it down gently. When just one spring is working it poses safety concerns, plus it adds more wear and tear on the door and the opening mechanisms. It’s unsafe for you to try to balance the garage door yourself. A garage door is heavy and can weigh several hundred pounds. Replacing both springs is the safest option. With two new springs the garage door will balance and function better.

Why is it Important for the Garage Door to Balance Properly?

Your garage door springs are the part of the mechanisms that help the door open and close. The springs help keep the door balanced so that both sides of the door go up and down at the same time. One broken or malfunctioning spring throws off how the door functions. It can cause the two sides of the door to move at different speeds. You may notice that opening or closing the garage door causes a lot more noise. With one spring out of order, the other one will begin to show more wear and tear.

Are Unbalanced Garage Doors Dangerous?

Several things can occur when a garage door spring breaks or malfunctions, including:

  • The door may close fast.
  • Loose springs may crack or break free from the brackets.
  • The door might slow down or speed up. This unpredictability puts you, your family, and your pets in danger.

When a spring malfunctions, it can warp the track which can cause more wear on the wheels. The motor can become stressed due to more demand on its power as the door is being lifted. That could lead to needing a replacement motor for your garage door opener system sooner. Unbalanced garage doors can damage your property, or a person. Should the garage door fall suddenly, it could land on your vehicle and require extensive repairs. If it falls, it could hit anything in the door entrance like a scooter or a bike.

What Causes a Garage Door Spring to Break?

Most of the time when a garage door spring breaks, it’s due to wear and tear. Your garage door goes up and down at least two times a day, that puts a lot of tension directly on the springs. Even if you purchase extended life spring torsion springs, you’ll have to replace them at some point.

Rust can shorten the life span of your garage door springs and poor maintenance can cause them to age prematurely. Your garage door system should be checked by a professional at least once a year to help detect any issues early on.

Garage Door Repair Specialists Available 24/7

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