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Garage Door Maintenance Tips to Get You Ready for Spring!

Spring is a great time of year for deep cleaning your home, but it’s also a great time of year for garage door maintenance. During the winter months the door and its mechanisms have been exposed to extreme cold temps, ice, and snow. A little TLC and maintenance can be useful for helping repair winter damage. Here is a five-step checklist for spring garage door maintenance.

Inspect Your Garage Door and All the Moving Pieces

Close your garage door and stand inside. Step back and look at the rollers, cables, and springs. See if there is any visible signs of damage. Take note of frayed cables, loose hardware, or broken springs. Look at the garage door to see if there are any signs of extra wear and tear. If the door is made out of wood, check the most vulnerable areas for signs of water damage. Check the trim work and the bottom portion of the door. Look for rust spots if your garage door is made of steel. If you notice wear or tear or damage, contact a professional at US Garage Door Repair to schedule an inspection or repair.

Check the Garage Door Seals

While standing inside with the garage door closed, take a good look at the seal. See if there are any gaps between the seal and the garage floor. If there is any light sneaking through, the seal may need to be replaced. The seal protects your garage from allowing debris, cold air, and water from entering. If your seal needs to be replaced, let a pro from US Garage Door Repair fix it for you.

Check for Loose Nuts and Bolts

Over time, your garage door hardware can loosen.  When hardware becomes loose, the door may rattle, open unevenly, or not open at all. You can use a socket wrench to retighten all the hardware on the garage door to keep it operating smoothly.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Your garage door system has many moving parts. These need to be lubricated occasionally to ensure the door continues to work properly. Hinges, springs, and rollers need lubrication to improve the day-to-day function of the door. It also helps to prolong the life of the door system. Use a silicone spray or a white lithium grease to coat the moving parts. Wipe any excess lubricant away to keep it from dripping on the garage floor or your vehicle.

Inspect the Rollers and Track

If the garage door tracks become filled with debris or dirt, it can affect the door’s performance or block its path. The rollers need to be able to easily travel along the track to ensure the door is able to open and close. Use soapy water and a rag to wipe down the tracks. Remove any larger debris. Make sure to dry the tracks after you’ve wiped them down to minimize the accumulation of dust. Also apply a lubricant down the entire length of the track to help the rollers move smoothly.

Talk to a Pro at US Garage Door Repair

Just a little bit of general maintenance can go a long way to protect your garage door system. If you are not comfortable with doing an inspection or general maintenance, call US Garage Door Repair and let a pro help you out. We can perform a general inspection, routine maintenance, and do any repairs needed. We are also available 24/7 for garage door emergencies. Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repair, our professionals are here to ensure your garage door keeps doing its job right! Schedule an appointment today!






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