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Garage Door Maintenance – And When to Call the Garage Door Repair Professionals

Good garage door maintenance is important for keeping it running properly. When your garage door is in good shape, your garage, home and its contents, and your family are safer. Maintenance involves routinely inspecting the door, its components, and the garage too. As the months turn wetter and colder, it’s a great time to take a good look around.

Why is Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance Important?

During seasonal changes, you want to prepare your garage door for the next season. This time of year, in the fall it’s important to prepare it for cold, wet months and to get it ready for a harsh winter. Regular maintenance can help you know whether it’s time to replace the garage door or if it needs a minor repair. But more than that, regular maintenance is important for your family and home’s safety. Well-maintained garage doors help with several things, including:

Prevent Water Damage

Unmaintained garage doors, especially wooden ones, can cause a lot of trouble. If water seeps under the garage door, it can damage the floor of your garage. If it reaches inside the garage, anything stored there is at risk for water damage. You could lose your tools, sports equipment, and other items you store in the garage.

Prevent Rust Damage

Even if your garage door is made from high-quality materials that won’t rust, other metal components are at risk. Hinges, rails, springs, and other parts can begin to rust if they are exposed to water. During rainy seasons, it’s important to protect these components from water. If they begin to rust, they can compromise the function of the garage door opener or weaken the construction of the garage door.

Protect Your Family and Property

A properly maintained garage door helps keep you, your family, and your possessions safe. If the garage door malfunctions, it makes your home vulnerable to break-ins because it’s easier to tamper with. Should someone be able to gain access to your garage, they can also enter your home jeopardizing your family’s safety and your personal belongings.


Seasonal Inspection and Maintenance of Garage Doors

There are numerous aspects of the garage door that need to be examined routinely. The changing of seasons is an ideal time to have a look around. It is worth the time and effort as it can save you money over time. Routine inspections help you identify any areas of concern. Then you will know whether to pursue a garage door replacement or call for a repair professional. Here’s where to start:

  • Garage Door Seal – Make sure the seal is in-tact and isn’t showing signs of damage or wear. If it is peeling or otherwise damaged, you’ll want to have it replaced.
  • Rain Gutters – Check the rain gutters above your garage door to make sure they are carrying away excess water to protect your door.
  • Water Flow – Double check how well water flows away from your garage door. The driveway’s slope should help divert water away from your home and garage door.
  • Damage or Warping – Wooden garage doors tend to warp if they stay wet for any time. Make sure the opener is working well and that the door doesn’t appear bent, damaged, or cracked. If it is, contact US Garage Door professionals to have it repaired or replaced.

Contact the Garage Door Professionals!

At US Garage Door, you’ll find that we provide high-quality repairs. Our experience, expertise, and knowledge ensure you get the best deal on your garage door whether you need an brand new installation, or a garage door repair. If you are getting ready for winter, and see anything needing attention with your garage doors, call us at 847-994-4997. We are available 24/7 for service, installation, and repairs. Don’t have time to call? Book your garage door service online! We’ll be there when you need us.



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