Importance of a Balanced Garage Door

Importance of a Balanced Garage Door

When you first purchased your house or installed a new garage door, you probably noticed how easily it opened and closed. New garage doors are easier to open even if you do it manually. The main reason for this is that they are perfectly balanced. A balanced garage door is easier to open manually, even with the automatic garage door opener disengaged. But it also puts very little strain on the door and all its moving parts. Maintaining a balanced garage door helps prevent residential garage door repair. Here are some tips to help keep the door balanced.

How do I know when my garage door is unbalanced?

It’s relatively easy to tell if a garage door is out of balance. Due to the weight of the door, its balance shifts over time, especially with heavy use. It’s a good idea to check the door regularly to make sure it is rightly balanced. Here are four signs of a misaligned garage door:

  • You notice the door looks uneven when opening or closing it.
  • The door makes strange new sounds when it is opening or closing.
  • It takes a lot longer for the door to open or close.
  • The garage door will not open.

What happens to an imbalanced garage door?

The biggest problem with an imbalanced garage door is the strain it puts on the door itself and its components. Additional strain can cause parts to fail or break. If the issue is not taken care of, it can lead to the need for a garage door replacement. That can cost homeowners a lot more money. You’ll lose the investment you had in the other garage door just because the balance issue wasn’t fixed.

Another issue with unbalanced garage doors is safety. When it is out of balance, it is also out of control. Even though there are still some safety measures in place, the door can fall rapidly. It could crash down on one of your vehicles causing a lot of damage. A door that falls unexpectedly could injure a loved one or a pet.

Re-balancing a Garage Door

Getting your door’s balance back is not a safe DIY project. Adjusting the springs is dangerous if you are not sure what you are doing. If you realize it is out of balance, call for a qualified and experienced garage door repair professional. They have the tools, experience, and expertise to make the repairs safely and quickly.

How can a US Garage Door Repair professional help?

At US Garage Door Repair, we know how important a garage door is to your home and your family’s safety. We also understand how frustrating it can be when it doesn’t work as expected. Who has time for that, right? That’s why we have someone on call 24/7 who can help you with your garage door repair needs. Call us when you need us at 847-994-4997! If it is a less pressing issue, you can use our online booking tool to schedule an appointment with a professional who can come at your convenience. Let us help you keep your garage door working for you!

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