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Top 5 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

A garage door system has many components and if any one of them doesn’t work properly, it can cause your garage door to stay shut or fail to open. Over time, the system can become worn or begin to break down. You can prevent much of this with proper maintenance and upkeep. Even with good maintenance, your garage door may develop issues like not opening or closing properly. That’s when you need a reputable garage door repair professional to troubleshoot and make the appropriate repairs. Here are five reasons for a garage door to fail to open or close.

Why won’t my garage door open or close?

Track is not Aligned

The garage door system has several working parts that work together to open and close the door. It operates using springs, panels, pulleys, electrical components, and a track. When the track is out of alignment, it not only causes serious issues, it’s also very dangerous. The track must be aligned properly for the door to operate properly. You will know it’s not working properly because you’ll hear loud noises, or the door may struggle to move. This is not a safe DIY project. You’ll need a garage door repair professional to make the repair. Remember that the garage door is very heavy and even if it seems to still be operating, it might not take much for the weight to pull it to the ground quickly.

Batteries in the Transmitter

Most opening systems operate using a garage door remote. The remote needs batteries to work. If the transmitter on the garage wall is not hard-wired, the batteries will need to be changed occasionally. If your garage door has been working properly and just stopped working, a new pair of batteries is a simple fix.

Sensors Not Aligned Properly

There are two sensors on either side of your garage door. The sensors use an invisible beam to detect objects that get in the way of the door. This is a safety feature to keep the door from crushing an item or injuring a person or pet that might get in the way of the door’s operation. If these two sensors get out of alignment with one another, the door may not work properly. Sometimes they just need to be cleaned.  You can also call a pro at US Garage Door Repair to have us maintenance your garage door system. A full system inspection will find something small like this that causes you a big headache!

Garage Door Only Closes Part of the Way – then Reverses

Most of the time, the sensors are the culprit if the door stops closing and then reverses. But this action can also be caused by a number of other things. If your tracks haven’t been inspected or cleaned recently, debris may build up and inhibit their movement. Any object on the track can prevent the garage door from closing.

Garage Door Doesn’t Move, but I can Hear the Garage Door Opener Running

It can be frustrating to hear the garage door running, but not see the door moving. You are trying to get in or out, and you hear the motor working. This might be a simple fix. Sometimes the fail-safe on the door opener is disconnected. This is a safety feature that helps if the power goes out. It turns off the automatic garage door opener and allows for manual operation. The disconnect switch is attached to a rope or a knob and it can get unhooked accidentally. If your fail-safe switch is unhooked, open or close the door all the way manually. Then re-hook the switch. Test the door by using your remote. If it works, you found and fixed the problem. If it didn’t give US Garage Door Repair a call and we’ll be happy to take a look at it for you.


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