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What Causes Garage Door Jams?

Mechanical equipment of any type is designed to be able to withstand some amount of use before they start wearing out or falling apart. Your garage door is no exception. But you may notice after a couple of years that it gets a bit clunkier, or that it opens or closes with more difficulty. You may even find that the garage door jams and won’t budge no matter how much you try. These kinds of surprises do not make great mornings. You may be tempted to force it open using any means necessary. This can make it a lot worse. It’s important to call a garage door repair professional to clear the jam. But you can take a look to see what is causing the jam.

Is an external obstruction causing the garage door jam?

Garage doors are typically heavy and durable. It’s very hard to stop in its tracks. But a garage door is vulnerable to interference from the outside. Something like a small piece of wood or a loose screw along the door’s track can cause a garage door jam. Before assuming it’s a more serious issue, check to see if there is something stuck in the door’s track.

Faulty Springs can Cause a Garage Door to Jam

Most types of garage doors operate using some type of spring mechanism. Extension springs and torsion springs are the industry standard for garage doors. If a torsion spring breaks, it can cause a door to jam. To see if a torsion spring is broken, look for a gap between the two springs. They are located horizontally at the top of the door. Extension springs are found hanging at the side of the garage doors. If you notice the springs are not working properly, or that they are broken, contact a garage door repair professional to resolve the issue.

Is the opener and engine working?

If you are sure your garage door remote is working, it may be the opener that is malfunctioning. Gears that don’t have adequate lubrication can slip out of place causing the door to jam. If this happens, you’ll hear a grinding sound from the engine when you try to use the remote to open the door. If this is the case, it’s usually the main gear that needs to be replaced.

Trouble with the Garage Door Track

Garage doors slide across a metal track to open or close. If you don’t find any other reason for the garage door jam, examine the garage door tracks. If there is as much as a slight bend in the track, it can cause the door to jam. You might be able to straighten it yourself, but usually you will need the help of a garage door repair professional.

Let US Garage Door Repair Fix Your Jammed Garage Door

If your garage door is jammed or you have other problems with your garage door or any of its components, call a pro at US Garage Door Repair. You can reach us 24/7 by calling 847-994-4997. You can also book an appointment online.  Our highly trained technicians have the experience and expertise to make garage door repairs including garage door installation, maintenance, broken chains, off-track issues, garage door opener issues, remote repairs, spring and cable repair. Call us today and let us get your garage door working for you!



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