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Warning Signs You Need Hainesville, IL Garage Door Spring Replacement Services

For fast, efficient, and affordable garage door spring replacement services in Lake County, look no further than US Garage Door Repair! For years, our fully licensed and insured, locally-owned and operated company has been providing the homeowners and business owners of Illinois with high-quality Hainesville, IL garage door repair services, and spring replacement is one of our specialties.

We specialize in both residential garage door and commercial garage door spring replacement, including both extension and torsion springs. Whether you suspect your garage door springs need to be replaced or you’re positive they do, for the most reliable Hainesville, IL garage door spring replacement services, look no further than US Garage Door Repair.

Signs You Need Hainesville, IL Garage Door Spring Replacement Services

Your Lake County residential or commercial garage door opens and closes countless times each year. As such, it’s only natural that at some point or another, the components are going to wear out. A garage door consists of several different working parts, and the springs, which support the weight of the door, are usually one of the first parts to go.

But how can you tell when you need garage door spring replacement services? If you’re experiencing any of the following, don’t delay; contact a Hainesville, IL garage door repair contractor right away!

Strange Noises

A garage door will never be whisper-quite. It’s big, bulky, and heavy, and it’s made up of several different parts, so it’s going to make noise when it opens and closes.

With that said, however, if it’s making unusually loud or even annoying sounds, such as screeching, popping, groaning, or squealing, that’s a definite sign that you might need a garage door spring replacement. Worn springs experience a lot of strain when the door opens and closes, and that strain can result in unusual noises.

If you’re hearing any strange sounds when you open and close your commercial or residential garage door, schedule an appointment with a Hainesville, IL garage door repair company as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will become – and the more dangerous your Lake County garage door will become!

Rusted or Corroded Springs

Take a look at the springs that support your garage door. Do they look like they’re corroded or rusted out? If so, it’s definitely time to invest in garage door spring replacement services. The presence of rust and corrosion are signs that springs are coming to the end of their lifespan.

As time goes on, the rust and corrosion will worsen, and eventually, your Lake County garage door could become inoperable and dangerous. Call a Hainesville, IL garage door repair specialist as soon as you possibly can.

Loose or Snapped Cables

When you’re assessing your garage door springs, check for loose or snapped cables. Typically, when garage door cables are loose, that indicates the tension in the springs is worn or is failing, which results in slack. When the cables snap, they’ve completely failed. If you’re having either of these issues, a call to a Hainesville, IL garage door repair contractor is warranted.

It Moves Strangely

If your Lake County garage door is shimming and shaking when it opens and closes, that’s a worrisome sign that often indicates garage door spring replacement is needed. Because the springs play an instrumental role in a garage door’s function, if they’re worn, rusted, corroded, loose, or are otherwise damaged, the movement of the door can be impacted when it opens and closes. Contact a Hainesville, IL garage door repair specialist.

The Door Won’t Close

If your Lake County garage door won’t open and close completely or it does close, but it appears to be crooked, you’re going to want to contact a garage door repair specialist. A reputable Hainesville, IL garage door repair company will detect and correct the cause of the problem and will have it fully restored in no time.

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Professional Garage Door Replacement Services in Lake County

Whether you’re having one of the aforementioned issues or you’re experiencing any other problem that you believe is linked to the condition of the springs, contact US Garage Door Repair! Our professionally trained and highly experienced Hainesville, IL garage door repair specialists will replace your existing springs with top-quality garage door springs, restoring the function and safety of the structure. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call 630-330-7016 today!

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